Freeze-Dried Complete Dinners Multipack


Only the finest meat, veg, fruit and superfoods make up these naturally balanced meals for your dog. Made in our Norfolk kitchen, True Instinct freeze-dried nuggets lock in the goodness and unleash the delicious flavour for your dog to enjoy. Only suitable for adult dogs.

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Our brand new, revolutionary freeze-dried range combines the flavour and goodness of raw ingredients with the ease and convenience of traditional kibble.

These Complete Dinners are made from the finest meat, veg, fruit and superfoods in our Norfolk kitchen. No grain. No gluten and absolutely no bulking agents. Just wholesome ingredients that provide naturally-derived nutrients. Nourishment your dog will instinctively love.

So what does ‘Freeze-Dried’ actually mean? Well, we simply make our nuggets from delicious quality cuts of meat and carefully selected fruits and vegetables. Then, each nugget is flash frozen and gently ‘dried’ to remove the moisture over 10-20 hours.

Ultimately, freeze-drying is the perfect way to lock in the goodness and keep the original nutritional qualities of the food. Which means no chemical preservatives or additives are needed.

The end result is a highly nutritious, intensely flavourful, 100% natural food your dog can enjoy right from the pack. No defrosting required. Just store, pour and serve. Only suitable for adult dogs.


Beef Dinner
Chicken Dinner
Lamb & Turkey Dinner


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