Paleo Plus Totally Duck (500g)


Paleo Plus Totally Duck Raw Dog Food is a single-protein mix that uses high welfare, British Duck.

Duck is a fantastic meat source, High in:

  • Vitamin B12
  • Vitamin C
  • Zinc

Duck fat is also highly nutritious, high in unsaturated fat and oleic acid, it is now being viewed as one of the best animal fats out there. This higher fat content, together with the high iron content of duck meat in general (vital for energy) and high vitamin B content from the Berry Good inclusion (vital for focus), makes this a great option for active dogs.

This product is considered useful for exclusion diets due to the single protein mix.

Key Features

  • Single protein
  • Ideal bone content
  • High Welfare
  • Complete to FEDIAF standards
  • Suitable for all life stages

Collection Only

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The Paleo Plus Raw Dog Food Range

Hand made with human grade ingredients of the finest quality. Our Paleo plus range marries our exceptional quality coarse minces with a meticulously selected range of natural additions.

80% High welfare, outdoor reared and grass-fed meat, offal and bone with a 20% unique blend of sustainably sourced superfoods, chosen only for their nutritional excellence.

Packaged in compostable tubs and sleeves, printed with vegetable inks.

Paleo Plus offers the next generation of Raw Dog Food…


Duck with Bone, Duck Heart, Duck Gizzard, Duck Liver, Berry Good - Kale, Broccoli, Wild Blackberries, Wild Blueberries, Hemp Seed Powder, Seaweed, Green Lipped Mussel

All ingredients have been selected from wild and/or sustainable and ethical sources.

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