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Frequently Asked

What's it all about

We all love our dogs, they are valuable members of our families but did you know that dogs are very sociable creatures, they love company and to them there is nothing quite like other doggy friends.

We have all seen the results of bored dogs, from chewing and destructive behaviour right down to frustration and even aggression towards other dogs and people. Proper constructive play and stimulation can prevent these problems, aid or even stop them altogether.

What will the dogs be doing all day?

Many of our canine friends just come for fun, exercise, mental stimulation and socialising. They get to play with various toys, have a go on our agility course, play in the sand pit and paddling pool or have a snooze in a comfy bed if they get tired out or just want some quiet time.

We have several fun games during the day which work their minds helping to keep them stimulated and engaged. They can just chill out whilst they lay in the sun or play together on the play equipment or in the grass. We have puppy play too and a quiet spot for the old timers.

Will you let me know how my dog is getting on?

You can contact us any time during the day to see how your dog is getting on. We will keep you up to date regularly with how they enjoyed their day.

I may not need you everyday... Is that ok?

You can use the centre as often or as little as you need.

What if my dog needs medication daily?

That’s fine, we can administer the medication to your dog at whatever time you need during the day.


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